Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real Life Wednesday : Dirty Little Secret

Hubby gifted me a house cleaner.
I'm actually not a messy person. And our house is not a pigsty.
But all the same he gifted me a cleaner.
And I am in heaven!

Every Monday, we head out for the morning and when we return, the house has been given the most amazing clean. All those wonderful jobs like vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms, kitchen etc are done! But it's the little things too, like the highchair being wiped down good and proper. The beds being made. Extra crisp. The toys placed neatly on the girls' beds. The dusting. Oh, the dusting! 

Jobs that I wouldn't think to do. Are done. Jobs that I wouldn't have time to do. Are done.
It's such a blessing that we also know the wonderful woman who comes to our home... she is blessing us greatly with her service.

I feel a little guilty, like it's an unnecessary luxury. And I guess it is.
But it's a small cost per week... similar to what some would spend on pay TV, a pantry of processed foods or elaborate shopping expeditions. 

This is our little luxury. And boy is it great!
What's your little luxury?

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