Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When two's a crowd

Do you ever get the feeling with your children that two's a crowd! We're just entering what seems to be a transitional stage of 'playing together' with our girls!
Li'l Peppa is now 8 months old and well and truly on the move... she will commando crawl her way anywhere she pleases with little effort, much to Miss Daisy's delight it's usually toward whatever she's doing!

And so begins the chorus of "Mum, she's coming!" "Mum, she's ruining it" "No, that's mine!" and I'm sure you know many more! :) Look at the excitement on her face as she gets closer.... closer... nope, big sister swipes them up and they're gone! 

Alternatively, gather as many toys as you can manage on your lap and pout!

And so we've entered into a stage of learning. Learning to share and learning to be patient and kind. Miss Daisy is already pretty good at this and we love that we see these traits in her so often. But I can see that a curious little sister will be a good challenge for her! :) 

How about you? Is two a crowd at your place?