Monday, February 25, 2013

Meals for New Mummies - Tips for Success

Just For Daisy :: Meals For New Mummies Tips for SuccessI've written before about what you can do for a new mummy (or a second, third or tenth time mummy!) Having a baby is one of those times when it's really important that friends and family are there to support those with the newest additions in the world! Some of my fondest memories of my 'new baby' days are those of friends bringing meals, soups, cakes and other amazing additions to the chaos that is motherhood with a newborn in the house!

My husband's cousin is expecting twins any day, she's had to endure 8 weeks on bedrest in hospital, away from her hubby and son as she strives to give her twin boys the best start possible! How amazing that she's now at 33 weeks and still holding on!

I've offered to coordinate a meal's roster for her for when the babies are born (they will probably stay in hospital for a little while) to make things a little easier for mummy, daddy and big brother as they visit, coordinate feeds and just adjust! And then again for when the twinnies come home!

This is one of the greatest gifts you can give new parents!
Here are a few little ground rules to help you
organise a successful meal roster!

Bring plenty of food
It's the best feeling to have not only a meal to enjoy for dinner, but enough to freeze for another meal or pop in the fridge for lunches! Some cupcakes or slice never go astray either! :)

Use disposable containers
Your new parent friends don't need the hassle of coordinating the return of LOTS of dishes, and particularly storing them. Use chinese food containers, zip locks and foil pans where possible. If you can't use disposable then label your own dishes well and don't expect them back the next morning! :)

Arrive at a suitable/agreed time
If you're being relied upon to provide dinner, make sure it's there on time (or early) so that the family can eat when they are ready. It's hard to plan meals around a little one so the earlier the better sometimes. If you can't provide a specific time perhaps offer to provide some frozen meals or cakes instead!

Leave promptly
Yes, there will be a cute baby inside (or two) and yes, there will be lots to catch up on (birth stories may be a bit too fresh!) but it's important that you are very cautious in overstaying. Say a quick hello, peek in at the baby and then politely excuse yourself and allow them to enjoy the delicious meal you've prepared for them! Arrange to return at another time for a catch up! :)

Go it alone
This probably isn't the best time for a full blown family excursion... leave your own children at home if possible and go it alone! Play dates can come later!

I'm not a good cook!
If you don't feel confident to make a meal or don't have time to prepare an evening meal. Perhaps you could deliver a frozen meal as mentioned above or perhaps a bag of groceries would be a way for you to help out!

The finer details
It's a good idea to list ingredients to dishes so that any allergens can be avoided (ask first anyway) as well as mum being able to tell if anything will affect baby if she's breastfeeding.
Also include cooking temperature and times. Reheating instructions. etc.


There are so many amazing recipes online, as well as your own favourites. Try to make it something that transports easily and could be eaten the following day if necessary!

Most of all remember that this is an amazing gift you are giving your loved one. It's the gift of nutrition, time, relaxation and so much more! You are helping them to give their precious new baby the best start and make it a little more relaxed start for mummy and daddy!

I'd love for you to share your best 'new parent' 
meal ideas in the comments below! 
What is your go to meal that you deliver to 
friends and family in need?