Monday, February 18, 2013

Because #playmatters

During 2012 I had the privilege of getting to know some other Australian "Kid Bloggers" a lot better and working collaboratively with them on a number of things! My love for creating meaningful and engaging play experiences has also grown throughout 2012 as my gorgeous Miss Daisy has grown too!

Well, this group of amazing bloggers have begun something new and exciting for 2013! We'd love you to join us! We believe that #playmatters, that play is important to the development of our children and that play doesn't have to be with the latest toys or the greatest of planning!

Here's how you can join us on our #playmatters adventure! :) I'd love for you to join us!

1. Head over and 'follow' our #playmatters Pinterest board for all the latest and greatest play ideas to help emphasize that play matters in your home. We'll do all the work for you and source the best play ideas on the web.

2. If you're on instagram (who's not, it's addictive!) you can follow along with the #playmatters tag and see what everyone is up to! It's growing to be a great community with Aussie parents and parents around the globe who interact and share their play ideas as they happen through the day! Tag #playmatters with your daily play, we'd love to see what you get up to!

3. And of course you can continue to follow Just For Daisy on facebook where I will link you up with the best ideas from this group of amazing parents.

Look forward to seeing you and can't wait to share more of what we're up to because #playmatters!

#playmatters so, who are we?
A group of Aussie bloggers who believe that #playmatters