Friday, January 4, 2013

How to add pages to your blog in Blogger

Lately I've had some of my beautiful blogging friends use my tutorial to create a grab button for their sidebar and this prompted conversations about adding other features to blogger blogs.

One such task is adding pages and all the wonderful things you can do with those pages! Adding pages to your blog can help your readers to find what they want quicker and also tempt them to stay a little longer as it gives them several obvious areas of your blog to explore. This is where you can highlight the main areas you'd love your readers to visit first!

It's also a great way to organise your blog or collect past posts. You can also create an About Me page which is often the most visited 'page' on a blog - as we all love to know a little bit more about the person behind the blog!

Here is a little tutorial on how you can add pages to your blogger blog and some of the great ways you can use those pages to enhance your readers experience when they visit your blog!

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard and select 'pages' in the left hand menu
Step 2: You'll see in the picture above my pages menu shows that I already have several pages (in blue). Yours will more than likely be blank if you've not added pages to your blog before.
You will see the option for 'new page' - when you click on this it will give you a drop down menu with two options. Select 'blank page' (I'm yet to use the 'web address' option but am thinking of adding a Pinterest tab that would take readers directly to my Pinterest page/URL)
Step 3: Select blank page and you will get a screen that looks like the one below. This page is much like your usual outlook when posting a new blog post. You can use your page in a similar way to a post, however, it retains a permanent position on your blog, usually under the blog title as a header. However you can choose to have these pages displayed in other ways. (More on that later!)
Step 4: Now you can choose a title for your page. Let's create an About Me page for your blog. Where it says page title enter the title "About Me". Now you can add whatever text/links as well as images into the usual text section as you would with any blog post.
Notice in the second line of text I have added links to my sewing, cooking and craft posts - these direct readers to the corresponding 'pages' for each of these subject areas. I've also added images into the about me section. (This is optional) :)

Step 5: Now you can save your 'page' and click on 'view blog'. This is where your blog settings/template may differ to mine so please email me if you need assistance here.
Most blogger templates will automatically have 'pages' displayed as a header style tabs bar along the top of your blog page, directly under your title banner. Is your About Me page there now? Hope so! :)
To change where your tabs are located you can use the 'pages' menu again and under the 'show pages as' tab select the option that best suits you.

You can add more pages in the same manner by repeating steps 1-4.

This (image above) is what my blog looks like when I am visiting the 'about me' page that I've created. You will see that the 'About Me' tab is highlighted and my newly updated about me page is displayed as any blog post would appear.

A few things you can now do with your new pages you've created.
In the image above you will see a little tool icon on the pages tab bar next to 'Contact' on the right. This is where you can do a little editing of your pages display. You will get a pop up box like the one displayed below. Here each of my pages are displayed in two lists. One list where I can check the box whether or not to display the pages along my header bar. And the second one is page order, here you will get a cross-hare when you hover over each page title and you can choose the order in which they will be displayed. Drag and drop them in order from first to last and this is how they will display as tabs either horizontally or vertically in that order depending on your template!

I will be adding have added another tutorial (as this post is getting rather long!) with some of the other tips I have for making the most out of your pages! Be sure to head there for some great tips.
Don't forget to check out my tutorial on making your own grab button if you haven't already made one!

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions. If you use this tutorial to make your own pages I'd love for you to leave a link in the comments section and I'll come and check them out!

Happy blogging!

Now I'm onto making some great social media icons... I'll get back to you on that one!