Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sleep.. and other fables they tell

Is it just me or has sleep become a thing of the past now that children live at your place!?

When Miss Daisy was around 8 weeks old she slept through, one night and then another and we realised it probably wasn't a fluke anymore and this might just be a good sleeper!
She had her bouts of wakeful nights with teething and other changes. But generally speaking, that kid knew how to sleep! And I felt sane!

So, enter child number two. Who is equally as wonderful, but completely opposite in her evening sleep habits! She is a dream to put to bed in the day. If she's at home. And wrapped. And her puppy is singing. And you lay her down just right. She goes right off to sleep without any protest.

But bring on the afternoon. And let's not mention the evening. And that girl just won't settle! And now that we're teething! Argh! So, many a times, I feel the opposite of sane.

I've had a draft post sitting almost since she was born titled, "On being a default parent". It's kind of an ode to mothers everywhere and basically a bit of a whinge fest so I haven't published it. But the gist of it is, generally as mums we are the default parent. The days happenings fall on us. The pressure falls on us. The open door policy in the toilet or shower is ours alone. We ask our partners to 'watch the kids please' while we shower or toilet alone! Is it just me? Surely not?

But, as I've said before, then there's the cold hard facts that my hubby is the glue. The one who is always calm. Always able to solve the problems. Always patient with the girls (and me!) And generally speaking holds it all together. So maybe he's the default parent?

It's 7am. Daisy and I are watching 'Elf' for the umpteenth time this week! Love! Li'l Peppa is back in bed after a 5:30 rise... she's probably tired from screaming for one hour straight last night... no amount of cuddles or milk would help that tired little girl! But then this morning - wrapped, laid down, asleep!

Sleep. Seems like a thing of the past. But we survive. We learn to live on the sleep that we get. I actually enjoy the early mornings with the girls. The snuggles in bed with Miss Daisy. The early morning feeds when there is no-one else about, just me and the baby. Who won't be a baby very long. And the glimpses of morning sun peeping through the curtains. So for now, I'll be content with living on just enough sleep!

How are you going in the sleep department?!