Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

I have written and deleted my post for this photo several times. It seems such a simple photo invokes a lot of mixed feelings on Real Life for me!

I could complain about toddler toilet trips that are always during little sister feed times or big sister naptimes...
Or I could be grateful for a child who has taken herself happily to the toilet since she was one year old!

I could complain about the blue plastic tub in the shower that is the bath for now.
Or I could be grateful for clean running water.

I could complain about the blue walls and tiles.
Or I could be grateful for a fabulous house that has all the things necessary to meet my needs.

I could complain about three bath mats in current use and the washing that will eventually ensue.
Or I could be thankful that I own three bath mats and can cycle them so they dry in rotation in our freezing cold bathroom!

There are many other things I could point out that have two ways to look at it! And I guess that's Real Life isn't it, looking at things in a positive light. Not getting stuck on negatives but seeing the amazing abundance of blessings we actually have.

Oh and note the gumboots... just not Peppa Pig this time!
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