Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainbow Dyed Pasta

We've been lacking in the creative department a little lately. 
Aside from some play dough and the endless picnics and dolly outings from room to room, our play has mostly been outdoors up until now. 

It's starting to cool down a little though... it was 1'C when we got into the car on Wednesday morning! So with Winter nipping at our heels I've got to get back in the swing of having interactive and engaging activities we can do indoors.

Rainbow Pasta - Just For Daisy

Miss Daisy LOVED the Rainbow Rice when we made it and I just found the container in our garage after the move - still absolutely perfect for play... but a little messy for indoors!

So I decided to make some rainbow dyed pasta for threading, glueing, sorting and whatever else Miss Daisy decides we can do with it! Tonight she was handing out the bags to mummy, daddy and one for Scarlet! See they're fun without even opening the bag!

I used the great instructions from over at A Little Delightful to dye the pasta and am very happy with the results!

I divided my bag of penne pasta into six small zip lock bags... added a squirt or two of hand sanitiser and the colours I wanted and 'massaged' it all in! (I think I'll use the hand sanitiser method instead of vinegar next time I do the rice too!)

Once they were nicely coloured I put them on trays covered in baking paper...

 And then sat them on the bench above the fire overnight!
They were perfectly dry and amazingly vivid in colour in the morning! :)

I popped them in a clean zip lock bag each and they're ready for some fun play! 

Rainbow Pasta - Just For Daisy