Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Bag Swap Complete!

Wow! What a fabulous result we've had from our first Australian Busy Bag Swap hosted by Hannah at Paint On the Ceiling and myself here at Just For Daisy!

Magnetic Fishing Game (inspiration)
Paddle Pop Puzzles
The response was good for a first call out - we had 22 participants who all did a fabulous job. 
You can read the original post here to find out all about the Busy Bag Swap. If you like the sound of it leave a comment on this post as we're looking for expressions of interest to do another swap in the near future. 

Memory Game/Colour & Shape Match
Domino Stones (source)
Many thanks to Hannah for receiving and organising all Busy Bags whilst we moved house! She's also taken these amazing photos of each of the bags, some of them in action with her Miss 3 and Master 9 months! 
1. Baby Animal Match    2. Threading Fun     3. Felt Cupcake Creations (inspiration)

Busy Bags went in the post on Wednesday and we've started getting emails/messages from excited mummies who've received their bags! Hopefully they will all be at their new homes in no time! For those picking them up please check your email for details!

Pipe Cleaner Threading
Paddle Pop Puzzles/Colouring In 
Each of the activities can be used in various ways and to facilitate various learning objectives. Children are challenged in fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, memory and so many other important skills for emergent minds!

The activities are able to be used independently by children or set up by parents as a more guided/adult directed learning activity.

Sea Creature Memory (inspiration)           Colour Recognition                      
Puff Ball Pushing                                        Car Mat Fun
We hope that these fabulous handmade activities created by our 22 participants are able to inspire others to create their own unique 'toys' without great expense and with a whole realm of successful teaching/learning opportunities through child centered play.

Felt Clothes/Clothesline (inspiration)
Felt Shape Board w/ pattern cards 
Eye Spy Pillow
As mentioned above we are seeking expressions of interest for a second Australian Busy Bag Swap and would love to hear from interested blog writers, mums and dads, grandparents and anyone else who would like to participate. 

Please share this post on your facebook page or via email with family or friends you think might be interested in a Busy Bag Swap!

Please comment below or email us at:: justfordaisy11{at}gmail{dot}com to let us know you'd be interested!

Coloured Glasses
Thread my Family                                         
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Magnetic Puzzle Play

Texture Book                                         
Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards (inspiration)

Once again a very big thankyou to the ladies involved in our first Busy Bag Swap.
We believe that thanks to your enthusiastic involvement it has been a huge success.

Enjoy keeping your little ones busy with your fabulous new bags! 
We'd LOVE for you to share photos on our Facebook pages!

designed by Hannah Sommerville
These ladies made Busy Bags AND have a fabulous blog you can read... 
head over & visit them & say hi to:

Katie @ "The Imperfect Housewife"
Sharon @ "Campbellova"
Renee @ "Adventures at Home With Mum"
Hannah @ "Paint On The Ceiling"

Many of these activities would have been inspired from the internet and I unfortunately do not have source references for them all as they were made by others. Please comment below if you've made these before and would like to direct others to your blog/website for instructions! I'm happy to add a link to our image.