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Christmas Cooking - Easy Caramel Tarts & Vanilla Cupcakes

It was our Mother's Group Christmas party on Saturday. It was such a lovely day and amazing to see how much our 'babies' have changed - particularly compared with last years Christmas photo! (which Miss Daisy was absent from as we went to my school lunch...anyhew...!)

It was a lovely morning and I had offered to bake some Christmas cupcakes for the kids. I figured I'd make something yummy for the mummies too! Take a look!


Easy Caramel Tarts

This is a simple 'recipe' and so yummy it'll have everyone copying them! My hubby's Aunty does a fabulous job at these and I've 'copied' them a few times and had great reactions too! :)

What do you need?

A packet of buttersnap biscuits, caramel filling (I used a can of Caramel Top 'n' Fill this time), and some choc melts. You will also need a quiche style pan to create your biscuit cups in. You can see the quiche pan in the picture below it has a shallow cup shape, if you use a normal muffin tin you'll break the biscuits (ask me how I know!)
My little helper insisted on taking one bite out of several biscuits! 
Thankfully there were still enough left over! 
(PS. The chimney sweep look is because she stuck her hand in the ink when I was stamping some Christmas decorations and wiped it on her face/mouth!)

Simply place your biscuits over the holes on the quiche tray and place in a 180'C oven for 2-3 minutes or until soft. Then use the back of a soup spoon to create a cup by pushing the softened biscuit into the rounded quiche tray, allow to cool in tray then place on cooling rack. I used top 'n' fill and piped it in with my new Tupperware piping 'toy'... then I topped each with a chocolate tree.

As you can see in the picture above, to give them a Christmas theme I filled a zip lock bag with melted chocolate and piped some Christmas trees and stars onto baking paper to create some cute Christmas toppers. (These are a great addition to lots of Christmas food, a must do! Obviously useful all year round!) I set these at room temperature before putting them on the caramel tarts. Yum! I left the completed biscuits in the fridge overnight which was good for the chocolate and caramel but I think it softened the biscuits... I've heard that pasting on a little melted chocolate before putting the caramel filling in can create a barrier so that the biscuit stays crisp. However, if you make these the morning of, you won't have this problem anyway! They'll all be gobbled up! :)

Easy isn't it?!

Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes

Here are the cute little cupcakes which I made. This recipe was from here and I love it! I will definitely use it again. They were lovely and moist and tasted delicious!
If you're after a delicious cupcake recipe this one should definitely be it!

I picked up the cupcake cases and toppers from the $2 shop for $1.95 for a pack of 24. :) Yay!

Now when the oven buzzer goes off Miss Daisy cheerily announces, "Cake!"

They turned out quite cute... I'd pinned this photo earlier in the week but figured no colouring in the icing would be better for the kids!! 
Can't wait to do some more creative Christmas cooking in the coming weeks! :) Let me know if you find any I should try!

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