Thursday, June 30, 2011

This time last year....

This time last year I was relaxing at home... I'd finished up work a little early due to illness and I was preparing myself and my home for our new life with a baby!

~ 39 weeks ~  

Here are some of the things I remember: 

Our little girl  (yes, we found out!) was due on July 19... So I knew it wouldn't be long before I met her...

I loved everything about being pregnant, I was blessed with an easy pregnancy so not many complaints here! I loved the feeling of having an amazing new life growing inside of me. I felt like I knew her so well and yet I was yearning to meet her so I could know her properly!

I remember so many people telling us "Go to the movies" "Go out for dinner" "You won't get to do that when she arrives!" over and over! Well, in part they were right! But it's worth it! We did watch lots of movies and I remember a few special dinner dates together before her big arrival! It was strange to think these would be the last moments to share as just two! We would soon be three! (Well, 5 if you include the fur babies!)

My beautiful friends and family (thanks to my sister for organising) threw me a delightful baby shower, we were certainly quite spoiled that day! Miss Daisy was fully kitted out before she even arrived! Check out my gorgeous Mummy & the Nappy Cake (or tower) she made for me! xx

I can remember washing my first load of 'little things' and having no idea how to hang them and being rather clucky (too late at this point for cluckiness?) over how cute they were!

I remember taking photos of my expanding belly and comparing them incessantly to see if my stomach had grown since the previous shot, if her position had changed or if I had any dreaded stretch marks (as if it really mattered anyway!)

I remember lying awake at night with my hands cradling my stomach, singing to her or just quietly thinking about what life would be like when she arrived. Praying for her - for her arrival, for her first year, for her life, for her soul. I remember lying there and feeling her bounce around and search with her sprawling limbs for space that wasn't there!

I can remember lying down and waiting as our beautiful midwife would check for her heartbeat each week. Smiling involuntarily as I heard that familiar and comforting sound. 

I remember doing renovations right up until Miss Daisy arrived! We renovated our lounge room and entryway.... thanks to Unky D and Aunty H for lending us their home & bed for a week or so!! :)

...As well as building a deck on the back of our home! Talk about a lot happening! It's strange to think she now tears around with her walker on that deck!

And that's where I'll leave it... because 1 month later I was cleaning that same deck (literally getting sawdust from between each gap!! Nesting much!) ready for hubby's "poker night". One final fling with the boys...! With taunts of "you better be able to drive me" I went to bed with a hunch that things wouldn't be far away... the following day, Miss Daisy entered the world... take a look at our amazing birth story here and here! :)

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