Monday, April 18, 2011

Shortbread can be for Easter too!

When there are no sweets about... the oven goes on and the baking goods come out!

This time it was something super simple, (yes, even easier than my One Bowl Chocolate Slice!) I had some new stainless steel cookie cutters I wanted to try out so I thought I'd just do my trusty shortbread recipe!

My new cookie cutters were an impromptu Easter bargain... $6.00 for 8 stainless steel cookie cutters in cute Easter shapes. Where? The Reject Shop!

{These would also be great for making fun playdough cutouts at Easter time, for dipping in paint and creating outline paintings or for cutting children's sandwiches for special Easter shaped lunchbox treats!}

But this time for me it was plain old shortbread! 
Plain old DELICIOUS shortbread!

click image to enlarge
Daddy and Daisy played in the kitchen while I baked... it actually turned into a 'training session' for Li'l Miss Daisy on not entering the 'kitchen'. 
It happens to be quite ambiguous where the out of bounds area starts and finishes... let's just say she quickly {and repeatedly} found herself 'behind enemy lines!'

The cookies turned out wonderfully - no offence taken when my dear hubby asked me as they sat cooked on the oven top - "Do these need to go in the oven?" 
Deliciously 'lightly' golden! He was happy with the melt in your mouth crumbly taste that's for sure!

These cute little bunnies are disappearing quite swiftly out of the cookie jar! We've started halving them because this little fellow was one of the more generous sized cutters!

Notice Miss Daisy's fingerprint Easter art in the background!? Cute!

Would love to hear what kind of Easter treats are being baked, sewn or blogged at your place? Let me know if you make this deliciously easy shortbread!

I think I might do some decorative icing on the next batch! What do you think?


  1. Sounds like a good recipe, Bek :-) Might try this :-)


  2. You definitely should! We've polished off nearly a whole batch! Yummy! :) Let me know how you go Gill x

  3. Hi Bek,

    We made these the other day and they didn't turn out so well.... The mix was very crumbly so wouldn't knead together or roll out. Any tips on where I went wrong?


  4. Hi Naomi, Not sure what went wrong! :(
    I've made this recipe several times at Christmas and again this Easter without any problems.
    Make sure the butter is softened not melted?? Could that have been it?!
    You could try adding a little extra flour but it should definitely be dough like and easily made into a ball before going in fridge!
    Hope it works next time. xox

  5. Try the instructions back on the Christmas post - they're more extensive! :)

  6. Made these for friends coming tonight, substituted plain flour for gfsr and used 1/2 ev olive oil 1/2 butter, they turned out not quite so melt in mouth as usual, but still very yummy and tasty.

    Naomi, if Biscuits are too crumbly, maybe add a lil water to the dough or a lil more butter? I don't know if soft butter vs melted butter would make a difference unless its for pastry, when butter has to be vvv cold, after all the butter melts in the oven...



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