Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perseverance of a Spider

There is a spider who lives in our front garden. Not even our garden actually, he attaches his web to the front corner of our house each evening.

Some days his web stays in tact, others it has a few holes which need patching (do spiders do patchwork?!) and often times it's gone completely and he has to start from scratch.

We've taken photos and video of him expertly weaving his web, but usually at dusk or at night by torch light. These two settings don't make for great photos. (above is one of the better ones)

A week or so ago little Daisy-girl and I were playing on the grass while Daddy cut some wood for the fire. {Yep, it's getting cooler!}

I noticed the web there in all its glory and the sun seemed to be in just the right spot to capture its magnificence!

What a patient and perseverant little character the spider is. 

I would like to think that I can have the same perseverance in my daily tasks... always joyful to do the same thing over and over again each morning if need be! 

Because really - doesn't this web look exquisite and well worth the effort, even if it does have a few holes that need patching every now and then?!

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  1. spider webs are so intricate and intriguing!
    have a super sunday :)

  2. Amazing huh?! Love Sundays! :)

  3. I really agree with you Bek, about persisting in the same way that spiders do. I think that's a good analogy. There are some awesome spider poems in Possession by AS Byatt (one of the coolest books ever IMO). Not as joyful/aspirational as your thoughts, though.

    xx Gill.

    ps cool pics too!


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