Friday, April 1, 2011

Jonathon Brown's Pockets

Yesterday I did 7 loads of washing! Phew! Yes, seven, what a day! I wasn't even that far behind on washing... but after separating our clothing into 2 loads, Miss Daisy's into 2 loads, 1 load of towels, 1 load of nappies and 1 load of Miss Daisy's sheets/towels - all of a sudden there were 7!

As I was reaching in and pulling out one load of our clothing I heard that questionable sound, {ca-chink} of something that doesn't belong in the washing machine! I thought perhaps a button had come off something... as I started searching though I discovered a little screw, then three more!
Sure enough, Daddy had 5 little screws (only one still left in his shorts pocket!) that were floating around the washing machine. They certainly looked squeaky clean! 

Then there's the minty fresh load of washing from a week ago, some of Daddy's chewing gum had gone through the wash. That load certainly had a unique smell! There have been other little trinkets and treasures found at the bottom of the machine too!
What's the most bizarre thing you've found at the bottom of the machine?
It got me thinking about a book we read when I was younger, 'Jonathan Brown's Pockets'. (It was part of the Cocky's Circle book series.)

It is such a fun little book where a little boy collects LOTS of 'useless' items and keeps them in his pockets. It seems a frustrating habit for him to have, however, as he goes about his day he is able to help a number of people with all of the 'treasures' in his pockets!
The only specific one I can remember is a bandaid!

What sort of 'useless' things do you hold on to?

PS. More cucumber sandwiches here today! :)

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