Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Craft with Daddy & Daisy

It's nice to have little arts and crafts when you have children to remember the different stages they go through. Little hands, feet and tiny fingertips are good reminders of how small they start out and how quickly they grow!

However, craft with little people isn't always all it's cracked up to be! Even the 10 year old children I'd work with at school could be unpredictable! Not always completing their artwork to 'my liking' or specific instructions - but since when is art for another person's liking anyway?!  

Our first craft:

Miss Daisy and I made this little Valentine for her Daddy in February...

So it seemed only fitting that with Easter approaching & Mummy doing lots of Easter sewing that I find a little project that Daisy-girl could do too!

Bring on the finger-painting! 
Getting one finger neatly on a page was a lot easier (though still difficult) than the handprint Valentine due to a) two parents involved b) an 'older baby' and c) it was one finger! :)

What did we make? Well, I found this delightful thumbprint Easter artwork here at sweet and lovely.

Photos of what Mummy, Daddy and Miss Daisy did to follow!

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