Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{tutorial} Making Fabric Baby Blocks

I love handmade toys!

My beautiful sister-in-laws have both created some beautiful handmade gifts and 
Miss Daisy has a lovely toy from each of them!

I have been reading some great blogs with some fabulous tutorials on handmade toys and other baby items! 

Understandably, there is a large pile of sewing lined up here at the moment!

The abundance of Crafty Mummies on facebook is also growing rapidly! There are so many delightful designs for handmade toys, clothing, hair accessories and bedroom decor.

I have 'liked' so many pages and seen so many more that I probably should
have 'liked' at the time because I may not find again. 

I remember reading a blog a few months ago of a woman who had gone all handmade for gifts. She would either design and make them herself or buy handmade from someone else - often supporting a S.A.H.M. 

What a wonderful idea! Particularly if the fabric used is 2nd hand or recycled
from an old item of clothing you no longer want!

Re-purposing or re-fashioning is really growing in popularity, using
something old to create something new.

Yesterday I made some groovy leg warmers for our little Daisy-girl out of some
old knee length socks of mine! They looked so trendy and definitely beat the cost
of buying such a thing brand new!

Back to the baby blocks...

The last few days I have been finishing the blanket stitching around the letters for my nephew's bunting flags (tutorial coming!) and making some cute little fabric baby blocks in the process. 

I had seen these on facebook a while ago and then found a great tutorial on a blog I am loving at the moment, Make It and Love It.

I decided to make the blocks into 'taggy toys' so I added some blue and yellow ribbons...
The fantastic tutorial that helped me can be found here. I have also added some of my own photos below to show you how I added the ribbon tags! 

A very quick project - an excellent compliment to a baby quilt or baby bunting! Especially if you're like me and always buy that 'little bit' extra of each fabric! :)


As with the original tutorial, cut 6 squares in the size of your choice.
I did 5" squares using the same fabric as my Baby Boy Bunting.

To make my 'taggy toy' I have cut about 10 ribbon strips 2" long. I used blue ribbon for one block and yellow ribbon for the other. 
TIP: To add interest you could use different widths and textures for the ribbon tags.

1                                                                       2                                                                    3

From left to right:
1. Fold your ribbon strips in half and lie onto right side of a fabric square, the round end should lie on your fabric square with the rough cut edges hanging over. 
2. Lay your second fabric square on top so that all that is showing are the rough cut ends of your tag(s). Sew along this edge, sewing your two squares together and sewing in your tags. (Double stitch if you want it real secure - I've found single stitching to be ok)
3. Once sewn together, right sides of fabric should look like this (image 3 above). Continue to sew first four squares as shown in tutorial. Add tags where you'd like them using steps 1-3 here.

Watch your little one enjoy their new taggy toy! Miss Daisy was happy to
try these out for Little Lachy! xx

A simple project to make a fun 'taggy' toy!

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  1. Love how they turned out with those taggies on them! Perfect. Now you can make 20 more and give them away to all the little babies you know! Thanks for the link!


  2. Thanks Ashley! I'm waiting for news that my cousin has had her baby - she was in labour overnight! Back to the sewing machine I guess! :)

  3. i stuff my blocks with plastic grocery bags. we seems to have hundreds of them and its a great way of recycling. Bubba loves the crinkly noise they make too!

  4. Natalie what a fabulous idea! I will definitely be trying this next time! :) Thanks for sharing!