Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funtastic New Fabric!


It's no secret that I love new fabric! 
It's just one of those things I love - having a new pile 
of fabric to fold and unfold is just fabulous!

So it's no doubt a 40% off sale can get me to the shops quickly! 
{Well, in truth, I left it until the last sale day, an hour before closing actually!} 
Thankfully Miss Daisy decided to have a big afternoon sleep, so Daddy got to sit on the couch and Mummy was able to go and sift through fabrics on her own!

I love the feeling of grabbing a trolley at Spotlight with the intention of filling it up! 
And fill it up I did! 

Aren't these vintage nursery rhymes so lovely! I know a special someone starting with {H} who's a very talented artist who I assume will read this and I think she should design fabrics!

There were some wonderful new fabrics in stock - lots of daydreaming over projects that could be!

Check out these pretty little baskets from last weeks Easter post - this pattern was from this tutorial at Pink Penguin. The tutorial was so easy to follow and the cute little baskets are just delightful for little girls and boys!

This bunting and matching teddy will be going to a beautiful little boy very soon! I really want to meet him! :)

I've been sewing lots of baby buntings at the moment too - there were two more new babies
and one cute little pirate who'll turn 4 this year!

The latest one {which I completed in record time} I'd love to keep all for myself! 

It's perfect white flags with my favourite fabric which I've stored up for almost a year waiting for the right time to use it! And it was perfect for this gorgeous lettering. I was inspired by this blog by Alyssa with beautiful white Easter decorations.

Oh by the way, I'm feeling the love with two more 'followers'!

 Hey! You reading this now... Come follow me! 
All the cool kids are!! :) (Lots of 'follow me' options on the right!)

So with all this new fabric I'm getting inspired - I think I'm going to make a stock pile of toys, nappy wallets, baskets and buntings and start selling! 

I decided I also 'needed' more plain fabrics so these polka dots (pink/blue) seemed perfect to compliment toys, nappy wallets and backing buntings etc... 
Spots and Stripes are down to $7.99/m at the moment and that seemed good! :)
{Compared with my usual taste of $19.95/m}

Oh, and how can I forgot with Easter hopping closer and closer I'll be making some cute 'chocolate' bunnies {Sorry Suzi - they're fabric!} for Scarlet's beautiful friends, ready for our Easter party!

Anyway, watch this space for more creations!

I've got the fabric, now I just need the time, motivation and inspiration!
Do they ever all come at once?!?!

Oh, Oh, Oh!
Little Miss Daisy has started to crawl, which means sewing time has become a little less 'sit here and play while Mummy sews' and more 'run after Daisy-girl and don't let her pull sewing machine down onto her head!' - but there's still lots of nap-time to sew in! ! :)

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