Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials

With a few sewing projects on the go at the moment I thought I'd blog about some other great sites.

Making all these boy gifts has made me excited to get back to some girly sewing! 

I've found some fabulous tutorials on making
gorgeous fabric flowers - super easy to sew & very effective on a headband or dress!

Here is a delightful looking rosette flower by Little Birdie Secrets

And a cute little ribbon flower collection by Hope Studios

Maize Hutton has done this gorgeous frayed flower - I think I'll do this one first! Lovely!

Kinda Wonderful did 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 days! This is just one of them! Looks like I'll be busy making all things floral!

Sew Ritzy Titzy has done a really trendy flower - a few steps in this one but worth the effort for the finished product!

Okay, I love love love these rosettes from Grace Violet - super easy and super effective... I'm dreaming up fabric combinations as I type! 

Anyways - I'm off to a beautiful lunch with my gorgeous friend and Little Miss-Daisy!

Happy Sewing - can't wait to make some of these!! :)

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Update... :)

I (finally) made the last two singlets for the beautiful girls in my Mother's Group! Sorry it's taken so long!
Aren't they cute!

Flower Power


  1. Thanks Liss! :) Haven't made them all yet - but don't they look divine!! xx


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