Thursday, March 31, 2011

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cucumber Sandwiches

Well, a lack of chocolate in the house (again...I try!) had me hunting for a choc-chip cookie recipe on Monday! I decided that better than a choc-chip cookie was a double choc-chip cookie!

I looked through about 4 different recipe books (all claiming to be cookie lover heaven!) and couldn't find exactly what I wanted - so I decided to get creative again and make up my own! I started with an easy cookie base of butter, sugars, egg and flour...

Here is my latest candid cookie creation! {Look here for the last one - Banana Choc Chip!}

By now you can probably tell that I love brown sugar! I always try to include it in my recipes! It's in my Banana Bread and most of the cookies I make and so versatile it's in a lot of the desserts I make too! 
I have a habit of eating one of the lumps each time I use the brown sugar! :) Yum!

Even Miss Daisy had a taste of these - Mummy left her 'photography' lieing around! Whoops!
Of course I got a photo before taking it off her!


Then today while sitting at the library dreaming about lunch, I started doing a mental stocktake of what was in the fridge ('twas easy as there isn't much!) I knew there were cucumbers so I began having visions of High Tea with Cucumber Sandwiches, definitely followed by scones with jam and cream! 

Well, I wasn't sure we had cream cheese and didn't know how good cucumbers and bread would taste! To my delight upon looking in the fridge (after 3 loads of washing in/out!) I discovered a humble tub of cream cheese (left over from icing a Banana Cake) - yippee!!
No scones though... hmm... there's always tomorrow!


My absence from blogging is due for a greater need for my presence in 'real life'! I've got a huge amount of sewing projects on the go - some with rapidly impending deadlines and Miss Daisy is quite the socialite with all her daily activities!

Back soon :)

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  1. Just made my second batch of these then! (I double most cookie recipes and freeze half for a day where I don't particularly feel like baking!) Easy peasy! Pull out of the freezer for 15 minutes then bake~ Yum!!


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