Saturday, February 5, 2011


how to make a fabric yo-yo!

step 1
first you need to cut a circle of fabric in your desired size. my circle was 12cm in diameter. i used a cereal box to make a pattern that i could reuse. your pattern needs to be double the size you want your finished yo-yo to be.

step 2
fold over a small edge (with wrong side of fabric up) and straight stitch around the circumference of the circle, tucking the edge toward you as you go. make sure you cut enough thread to go around the whole circle with a little left over for stitching it closed, tying off and adding buttons etc.

you will end up with a ripple edge like the picture below. keep your stitching as close to the edge as possible. small stitches leave an opening whereas larger stitches will bring the middle closer together.

step 3
i usually sew a few extra stitches past where i started, just to be sure it all tucks in and gathers.
once you’ve stitched around the full circle you can gently pull the thread and your circle will gather and create your yo-yo.

step 4
put a few stitches through your completed yo-yo to hold it in place.

step 5
depending on how you want to use your yo-yo you can stitch another on top and add buttons or other embellishments.

Here are some of the cute little yo-yo singlets that i’ve been making for my daisy-girl and her friends!

and of course… Daisy-girl loves wearing anything Mummy makes!


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