Monday, February 14, 2011

{tutorial} i {heart} bunting... {pt 3}

{part 3}

Here is how I finished the beautiful baby bunting!

For those who are quilters this will be a familiar technique, this is the same technique as binding the edge of a quilt.

Cut a strip of fabric 2.5 inches wide and as long as you need to bind together your flags. I also leave a little spare on either end to create a hanging loop or use to sew on a curtain ring etc.

If you need to join two strips of fabric here is an ehow tutorial . I will try to post my own tutorial of this soon! :)

Next, you need to iron the fabric in half right along its length
(with right sides showing) - see the image below. This gives you a perfect thickness and width for a beautiful edge. 

I chose a cream fabric with green polka dots to compliment my other fabrics.

Now that you've ironed your 2.5 inch strip in half you can pin it to your bunting flags. Lie it down so that your rough edge is at the top of your bunting flags. (ie. the opening of the flag has the opening of the folded fabric)

I have done some bunting banners with a 1cm gap between each flag and others where each flag is right up against the next. Just be sure you've allowed enough fabric when cutting your strip for your desired gap.

Now that you've pinned your binding strip in place along your bunting flags you are ready to sew! Machine stitch 1/4 inch from the edge along your flags being careful as you sew from one flag to the next.


I've just realised I don't have very good photos of the next bit! Sorry!
So if you haven't put binding on a quilt it may not seem all that straightforward - hopefully these pictures help just a little bit!! 

Here goes, the next step is to turn over the edge of your strip onto the back of your flag so that it just covers your stitching line. (You'll see what I mean if you've done the previous step correctly!)

You can pin it in place if you like so that you don't have to hold it in place as you sew.

Since my photos haven't been particularly descriptive... here is a fantastic tutorial on how to do an invisible ladder stitch. (Scroll down as she shows a few poor examples first!!)

I finished this one by stitching the remainder of my fabric binding strip into a small loop on each end ready for hanging! :)

I must say that from my first quilt I made for my #1 niece my 'invisible' ladder stitching is MUCH better than it was back then!! (see below - yay!)

 All finished and ready to hang in this beautiful boy's room! :) xx

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