Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging Tips and Tutorials

If you have been reading my blog over the last week you will see I haven't posted a lot but I've been doing a few changes. I'd like to give some credit and shout out to the places that have helped me to achieve some neat looking additions to my blog page!!

Come on in and take a look...

First of all my beautiful new header!!

I have just come across this beautiful blog:

This is where I learned to use Picnik (my new best friend) and made the header for my blog!
This tutorial is so detailed and very easy to follow - I was VERY excited when at the end of it I had a beautiful header. And I've gone back to picnik over and over again! 

If you're not a blogger (you should be) but even if you're not, picnik is free, easy to use
and has some fabulous photo editing and design features! 

Thank you Sarah for your inspiring story, great blog and your wonderful tutorial!

The next site I got sooooo much out of! (Okay it's taken me the last half hour to go through ALL my history and finally find this amazing site!) I had it open to the same page for three days straight but closed it without bookmarking! 

Here goes:

She did a series called, "How to beautify your blog".

Some of the things which I used were...

~ How to create a grab button

She also had some other great ideas which I adapted in
picnik and photobucket with a tidbit of my own knowledge to create some
other things like my new post signature!

Hope that helps any newbie bloggers like me. Check out their sites and use their tips/tutorials!

And again, if you're not a blogger but you love playing with photos (don't we all?) take a look at picnik!

Happy Blogging!

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{Edit: 30.8.11 - Momma go Round had moved so I have connected the new links to her new domain for Momma Go Round - Super helpful so make sure you check her out!}


  1. Hi Bek, This is such great info. I am inspired to start my blog and can't wait to try picnik and hey a picnic in the park would be nice too.

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog, Linda! I was really impressed by these two sites - it's amazing what people are doing and happy to share! R x

  3. So glad I could help! It's so much fun to come see what everyone does with my tips. I LOVE your button! Thos pictures are so cute :)

  4. Thanks Nina! :) I couldn't have done it without your fabulous instructions!
    I've learned a lot from your tutorial! :) I am in LOVE with picnik and all that it can do!

  5. Your header looks GREAT, as does the rest of your blog! Thanks so much for the sweet comments about my blog & tutorial...I'm so glad I could help. :)

  6. Thanks Sarah! :) You were a fabulous help and I'm sooo pleased you pointed me to picnik! It's fantastic! What fun!! :)

  7. Hey Rebekah
    Thanks for the lovely comments onmy blog and for letting me know about these tips! Huge Blessing! I'll be working on Beautifying my Blog today :)


  8. No problems Jennifer. I've just noticed she's changed her domain name so some of my links need replacing. Will do that now but hopefully it redirects you enough for you to find what you need! :) Happy Blogging! R

  9. I love picnik too! What are you going to do now?!?!? If you have a new photo editing tool I am having a very hard time leaving picnik =( I just might be there until the very last day.


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