Monday, September 9, 2013

On my heart:: Whining and Weaning

I think my precious baby might be weaning herself!

The last week or so she's been having a very quick nursing session at bedtime and then popping off and very keenly jumping into bed. She's still been waking once (sometimes twice!) and feeding in the night up until last night where she refused to settle (at 4am) and refused to feed. I managed to feed her and put her into bed again by 6:30! Too early!

Tonight she threw another amazing tantrum as I offered her the breast... a big tantrum... so when I was warming up Miss Daisy's milk I thought I'd offer Li'l Peppa a bottle of cow's milk too. Well she cuddled up on my knee, downed the lot and then happily jumped into bed.

I'm certain she'll wake tonight. Her eye teeth are all coming through and they're terribly sore...particularly at night. I'm wondering if she'll accept the comfort of nursing or if she'll once again refuse.

Breastfeeding has been a big part of the last 3 years of my life. Miss Daisy was still nursing at bedtime up until she was 19-20 months old... just before Li'l Peppa was born. I've felt mixed feelings with both girls. On the most part enjoying the connection and convenience of breastfeeding but at other times feeling 'stuck' and unable to do things with ease sometimes because of that connection.

However, tonight has made me consider once again how fleeting these early stages are and how quickly my first baby girl has changed into a kind, beautiful and articulate young girl... and Li'l Peppa is quickly coming into her own too!

What age were your babies when they weaned off the breast or bottle?

PS. It would appear I'll be going to bed looking a little like Pamela Anderson tonight... and waking up even bigger!

Note: I wrote this on Saturday night and thought it had published... it hadn't.. so I've added a picture from today and published! :) She's feeding better the last two nights so hopefully this is old news! ;)